Every now and then, I get this feeling. Like I’m heavy. Like I’m tired. And as I’m whittling away the day, trying to post this or retweet that, or thinking about about what I’m going to post next week, or streaming this or that trailer … or even just binge-reading this shiny new webcomic a friend linked me to.

There’s a little voice in my head. It’s very loud and attention grabbing. It say things like,

You should be doing more.

You should be driving already.

You ought to call this person.

You need to get a ‘real job.’

Maybe you should apologize to that one guy on the Internet you were rude to that one time.

And basking in the light of warm sum today, I had an epiphany.

People say you catch more flies with sugar. And metaphorically, that’s true. You can get a lot of people to do things for you much faster if you’re nice about it.

Today, I realized that the voice telling me all these things – reminding me what to do, about all the work I need to get done, all these little tasks that needed to be done, organized and squared away, and trying to keep me on task …

Is the same voice that’s been holding me back.

Today I realized I needed to give myself more sugar.


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